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Rhonda Y. Williams


Rhonda Y Williams is the CEO and founder of Leadership Above the GRIND. She is an executive leadership coach whose professional mission is to redefine – through employing the latest understanding of brain-plasticity and reiterative technologies – the ideal practice of leadership excellence as one which includes mastery over distress (the negative and destructive form of emotional stress), designed work-life flow and intentional well-being. Doing so allows leaders to rise beyond the hustle and thrive above the grind.


Rhonda has spent years creating next-level, psychologically liberating, motivating, and highly adaptable tools and solutions for leaders plagued by the “GRIND”, i.e., the tortuous “common consciousness” of self-invented overwhelm and learned helplessness. Targeting doubt, fear, worry, and ignorance of the critical skills both needed and available to reinvent themselves. Rhonda is an author, teacher, speaker, and executive mentor who has exhaustively researched, formulated, and codified an evolution-based leadership advancement curriculum, coaching and guiding her clients to gain razor-sharp clarity, a new understanding of executive behavioral constructs, self-trust, and foundational leadership “lean-in” disposition.  


Leadership Above the GRIND consists of action-based philosophy formalized into a repeatable, highly structured system.  Rhonda successfully coaches her clients to a place of greater self-comprehension and career-based identity enhancement. Rhonda’s results-intensive approach and empathy set her apart and get her clients dramatic, lasting results. Her highly relevant, practical programs are fulfillment-focused and leverage a self-management model that methodically ingrains the techniques for inculcating self-nurturing “purity-of-intention” practices that establish and increase the momentum of qualitative certainty, and generative well-being, both of which are vital to eliminating self-sabotaging leadership practices.


When leaders practice healthy stress management and self-care, they signal that it’s all right for others to do the same. And by doing so, an organization or community becomes healthier and better equipped to respond to challenging situations and manage future crises.

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