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Your Call Includes:

Your Momentum Builder Kit:

  1. Full 50-minute value-packed coaching call (this is not a discovery call)
  2. Guidance / strategy regarding the initial steps you can use to gain momentum or overcome obstacles
  3. Momentum Builder Assessment
  4. Promoted – The Strategic Plan for Landing Your Next Promotion
  5. The Stress-Free Leader eBook

Important Notes:

  • Money-Back Guarantee if you don't feel the call was productive or helpful.
  • If full coaching package is purchased, cost of the Momentum Builder coaching call will be credited towards the purchase of the package.

Coaching Session Fee: 


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Rhonda Y. Williams


Many years ago, I was living in a world of overwhelming stress. As a former C-Suite healthcare executive, I was expected to be available 24/7, managing one crisis after the next, ignoring my internal warning signs and sacraficing time with my family. 


At the time, I did not see any other way. I have since learned the secret to leading effectively while keeping honoring your well-being and I am on a mission to help leaders around the globe do the same. After C-Suite and multiple VP positions, today I am a Master Coach and emotional intelligence strategist. I help leaders plan the path forward to:

  • Executive / next-level career advancement & positioning
  • Stress-free leadership
  • Emotional intelligence coaching
  • General leadership and executive coaching
  • Idea to reality incubation strategy sessions